9th February 2019


9th February 2019
Too much work today as it was Saturday and an enormous number of visitors came by the Expo. That's why we have only a few pictures today. All of us were working full time at full speed!!

A special day also for us and the whole Greek speaking world: The International Day of the Greek Language! A lot of visitors were interested in this new institution and many of them expressed their admiration and gratitude towards the contribution of the Greek Civilization to all humanity... We even heard a Greek song sang by a Belgian visitor, while a Dutch one burst into tears explaining why "his heart is left in Greece", as he said.

Quite a touching day for us, full of encouragement by many Expo visitors as to what we do and how we decided to promote our country... We have been amazed by how much affection we received today... We have friends out there, after all...
Good Morning
Children are the future
Showing how to read Greek

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