Conversational Greek


Conversational Greek
After reaching a certain level in Greek, when at least fundamental Grammar and basic Vocabulary is known, practice through speaking and putting all knowledge gained together is the best way to polish and improve one’s skills.

These courses are held once a week and are addressed to those who want to take a break from regular classes and make sure they can command modern Greek at their level before they move to the next one.

Students are free to choose their own classmates, friends from other groups perhaps and establish a warm class where they will feel free and comfortable to speak and set up conversations on any subject they wish.

The teacher now becomes a guide and coordinator boosting up student’s confidence in speaking, imagination, creativity and flexibility in expressing oneself in modern Greek.

The cost of these courses depends on the number of participants in order to make it more approachable to the majority of foreign students and particularly the foreign residents of Crete.

Prices for Conversational Greek sessions

Group of:Hours a week:Cost per session:
2 people1 hour15 €
3 people1 hour12 €
4 people1 hour10 €
5 people1.5 hour10 €
6 people1.5 hour10 €

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