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Welcome at Filomathia !!

Filomathia Greek Language Courses in Greece

Filomathia Greek Language Centre is a well-established institution (2007) whose aim is to make learning Greek an unforgettable experience. Teaching the Greek Language has been of ultimate importance to us respectively to its History and position among the oldest and richest languages of the world emphasizing on its modern aspect and daily use. Read more...

01Intensive Greek Courses

Fast-paced Greek Language courses in a short period of time for immediate improvement in all language skills. Read more

02Regular Greek Courses

Courses mainly designed for foreign students who permanently live on Crete or spend here long periods of time. Read more

03Special Greek Courses

Important subjects of the Greek Culture as well as specialized terminology on Sciences are taught as part of the Greek Language. Read more

04Conversational Greek

After reaching a certain level in Greek practice through conversation can definitely improve one’s skills. Read more

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About us

Filomathia Greek Language Centre

Greek Language Courses in Greece

Address: Armeni - Kalyves
PO Box 327
Apokoronas, Chania
Crete, Greece
Tel: +30 28250 41114
Mob: +30 6976 525635
Mail: info@filomathia.edu.gr

Intensive Courses in Greek Language

Extra Cultural Activities

Just because we like our students to have choices, there is also availability of extra-cultural activities, which can be nicely combined with our intensive programmes.

These are optional and can be added to the curriculum at an extra cost. You can choose: (Read more)

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Filomathia at Ert Chanion radio channel
On 19th February 2019 Ms Evangelia Dimitsanti, Director of Filomathia - Greek language Centre, was invited by Ert Chanion radio channel over an interview regarding the school's participation in the Brussels Holiday Fair Expo, Salon des Vacances 7th-10th February 2019. Read the full report and listen to the interview given on the phone.

10th February 2019

Latest News

10th February 2019
The busiest day of the Brussels Holiday Fair was today, Sunday 10th February! So many people came by that 3 people working for Filomathia were not enough sometimes!

On the whole, everything went really well! We achieved the goals we had set at the beginning of the Expo and made very interesting connections with other business people who view tourism not like the average man does. The real outcome of our effort will be estimated in a month after the Expo, when all "after Expo" contacts are made, but we know for sure that we did really well!

The heart of Europe knows education can be nicely combined with vacations, that Greek is easier than thought to be and that Filomathia and the whole region of Apokoronas, Chania, Crete, is here for all those who love Greece! Thank you for staying informed!
A really busy day
Everybody being busy
The best team
We did it!!

9th February 2019

Latest News

9th February 2019
Too much work today as it was Saturday and an enormous number of visitors came by the Expo. That's why we have only a few pictures today. All of us were working full time at full speed!!

A special day also for us and the whole Greek speaking world: The International Day of the Greek Language! A lot of visitors were interested in this new institution and many of them expressed their admiration and gratitude towards the contribution of the Greek Civilization to all humanity... We even heard a Greek song sang by a Belgian visitor, while a Dutch one burst into tears explaining why "his heart is left in Greece", as he said.

Quite a touching day for us, full of encouragement by many Expo visitors as to what we do and how we decided to promote our country... We have been amazed by how much affection we received today... We have friends out there, after all...
Good Morning
Children are the future
Showing how to read Greek

Our Services

Here at Filomathia we care for our students’ comfortable stay. These are some suggestions that might be very useful when arranging your holidays.


There are plenty of hotels and apartments in all villages and small...

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Taxi delivery to and from the airport: 40 € to Armeni and low cost fares to...

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Online Placement Test in Greek Language. Choose the correct answer.

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Greek Verbs
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Armeni - Kalyves, PO Box 327, Apokoronas, Chania, Crete
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