Greek Language Courses in Greece - Filomathia Greek School on Chania Crete

modern greek

  • Conversational Greek

    Filomathia Greek Language School in GreeceAfter reaching a certain level in Greek, when at least fundamental Grammar and basic Vocabulary is known, practice through speaking and putting all knowledge gained together is the best way to polish and improve one’s skills.

    These courses are held once a week and are addressed to those who want to take a break from regular classes and make sure they can command modern Greek at their level before they move to the next one.

  • Intensive Courses in Greek Language

    Filomathia Greek Language School in GreeceFilomathia Greek Language School - Intensive CoursesThese greek language courses are held daily for a short period of time (1-4 weeks).  They are fast-paced and are addressed to students who want immediate improvement to all their language skills and see learning Greek as great fun!

  • Online Greek Language Courses

    Filomathia Greek Language School in GreeceEnjoy our online Greek language courses without leaving the comfort of your home. Lessons via Skype are now available at Filomathia Greek Language School and are offered throughout the year. They are designed as one-to-one sessions scheduled according to individual students’ needs.

  • Regular Greek Language Courses

    Filomathia Greek Language School in GreeceRegular courses in Greek Language are mainly designed for foreign students who permanently live on Crete or spend here long periods of time and they want to learn Greek. Lessons are held twice a week so that students and particularly adult ones can have free time between lessons.

    Speed of teaching varies from group to group depending on the class while the length of these courses is open-ended. However, the suggested duration of attendance can be no less than two months if students really want to see progress.

  • Special Courses in Greek Language

    Filomathia Greek Language School in GreeceLearning Greek is not only about learning the language. Important subjects of the Greek Culture and History as well as specialized terminology on Medicine, Science and Law are taught as part of the Language at our school.

    These courses can be held both in Greek and in English in case the language level of the participants is not yet adequate to support the undistracted flow of the course.

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