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Is it just a language or is it a way of thinking? Is it attitude, knowledge, wisdom? Certainly it is culture and living! From ancient to modern, name it Greek or Hellenic, this language carries traits that most of us would like to aspire and share in order to expand our consciousness. It is the way we see and perceive things.The way we act rather than react.The way we define our position in this world and among others.A golden key to open the doors of our minds and finally know ourselves!

The school Director

It all started from music. Well, everything starts form music according to some philosophers but in this case it was a revelation to me. It was not until I first listened to Enya's and then to Loreena McKennit's CD's that I realized that music is beyond geographical borders and facts perhaps forgotten in History have forever left their trail of existence in it.

Always check back the phrase or sentence you have just uttered when a native Greek speaker gives you an odd look and politely waits for an explanation -not to say he is ready to express anger.

This is incident took place in class (yes, we are having fun during our lessons!)...

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